Engagement Picture This is engagement session take place in beautiful Hermann Park. It is classic place for people to take picture especially wedding related. They have so many places you can choose at. The park full of tree, water and sky element. They do have statue and pillar offer there, where is staple. You can see a lot of people take pictures in there. Since this is engagement photo shoot, I choose more relax and chill. for more of this please visit, like and follow…Continue Reading “Brandi and Russel”

Lots of bride love to have second photographer for their wedding. That is what they are being told by all the blog and publisher. Do you really need one or not? This is a little bit controversial. Yes there are some benefit of having two photographer. There are some some moment that will not be captured. You have to pick and choose of that. There are three moments in your wedding day that it is nice to have two photographer.   Getting ready This is…Continue Reading “Do you need second photographer or not?”

Choosing a good photographer for your wedding is really crucial in my opinion. Photograph is last forever. It is a center of conversation. Have you ever recall memories back and talk about it. Photograph will lead people of the past, at that moment and what is going to happen. Wedding photography is one of your big moment in your live. That is why is it crucial. It is an investment. Most people mislead photography with something instant. Yes, It can be instant but wedding photography…Continue Reading “How to look for wedding photographer”