I am so sorry for the late post. It has been like two weeks. If you are living in Houston, Texas, you probably know what happened around here. The hurricane Harvey was coming. I was fine during the Harvey. As you have seen in the news that this hurricane was the biggest flood in my opinion. I though that the memorial day and hurricane Sandy was worst but they were not. Luckily it is only water damage this time around. The wind did not cause…Continue Reading “Hurricane Harvey”

Planning your wedding? Looking for a perfect wedding dress? These three place will knock it out of park. I know how hard to find your perfect wedding gown. Let’s dig down. Casa De Novia bridal is more out of the out of the box. The reason I call it that way is because they carry Vera Wang. I really love Vera Wang Wedding. I thing she is one of the excellent designer for wedding gown. Year after year she knock it out. Casa De Novia…Continue Reading “Top 3 Bridal Boutique in Houston”

In this millennium, people tend to like digital better. I agreed. I am one of them but there are certain thing that cannot be replace, such as tangible item. I am using digital camera though. I do not think I can do it professionally with film camera. It does not mean I cannot operate it. I had a moment with film camera back then. The reason I cannot do it professionally is just in wedding industry we need something fast and more. The more I…Continue Reading “Digital vs traditional album or photo”