In this millennium, people tend to like digital better. I agreed. I am one of them but there are certain thing that cannot be replace, such as tangible item. I am using digital camera though. I do not think I can do it professionally with film camera. It does not mean I cannot operate it. I had a moment with film camera back then. The reason I cannot do it professionally is just in wedding industry we need something fast and more. The more I…Continue Reading “Digital vs traditional album or photo”

Rate for wedding photography is varied. Some value it more, which is more expensive. Have you wondered why it is so expensive? There are no right or wrong in this case. I think the one that I can relate to general is bottle water or mineral water. As a lot of people know that the price for a bottle mineral water is varied. It can range from 50 cent to four dollar. Why is it different? I think the general idea is the same analogy….Continue Reading “Why wedding photographer is so damn expensive?”

As mention on several post ago on my blog. One of the things you can get to know your photographer is by doing the consultation. You can see the photographer face to face in that consultation. You can also see your chemistry with your photographer. Chemistry is important because wedding photographer will be with you through the whole process and even more in the future. Wedding photography is one of the vendor needed to be in the personal level. Other vendor is wedding planner. These…Continue Reading “What do you have to prepare for consultation with depshots?”