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First of all Congratulation on your engagement!

Engagement session for the future bride and groom is one of opportunity to test the photographer skills and style. It is also good for photographer side, depshots photography, for get to know the engaged couple. In my experience, the engagement session is not only getting their personality but their habit too and the bad side. No matter how good looking you are. We are human being. We are always being caution or something that we do not like about our body. It may not really matter for other people, but it is matter for the couple themselves. That is why depshots photography is pursuing personal connection. It is important to let know the photographer what is your concern. Why you want the left or right side. I had a couple that want to be in her right side because that is her good side. I notice after ward why she wanted that side. It is so important. I am a human also. I am not perfect but I am pursuing to perfection.

As far as location goes, in Houston we have three sites that popular. There are Hermann Park, Discovery Green and Galleria. Hermann Park is the biggest of all. Hermann Park has so many spot to try. In here you need to walk a lot. Make sure bring your flat in this one. The second one is Discovery Green. This one is really top in my list because it is not super big park like Hermann Park but it has so many spots as well. The last one is The Galleria. The Galleria in here is not the actual mall. The outside of Galleria near the Nordstrom and Macy parking garage, they have a little park that we can take picture. They have a waterfalls. It is romantic. It is man made waterfalls.

There are some other places to shoot in Houston for engagement session. If you have a place in mind, please let me know. Contact me at photography@depshots.com

Here is some photos and other place you can think of or even some of inspiration of the three places that I mention above.

Hermann Park








Discovery Green






The Galleria






This is another place in mind The Dunlavy or Lost lake

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