How to look for wedding photographer

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Choosing a good photographer for your wedding is really crucial in my opinion. Photograph is last forever. It is a center of conversation. Have you ever recall memories back and talk about it. Photograph will lead people of the past, at that moment and what is going to happen. Wedding photography is one of your big moment in your live. That is why is it crucial. It is an investment.

Most people mislead photography with something instant. Yes, It can be instant but wedding photography is not something instant. There are few photographer that targeting that area but in my opinion, it has to be done right. When something need done right, it is not instant. I am not saying that photographer that targeting instant wedding photo are bad but with depshots, we care about giving the best and producing the best. The turn around usually take one month to two months.

Right now we are living in the modern world. Everything moves to digital. People tend to like digital file than the actual print. I feels the same but I am still need some tangle able things. It feels something is missing. It happens with me onetime when I was cleaning my closet. I found an album. In that album, It was  picture of me, family, friends that I collected over the years. The album itself is not in the superb condition. It has been aging but the photos themselves still good.  It was a memorable event. I saw how bad I was looked, how silly I was in the photo, or even good. In that moment, I was laughing, almost tearing eyes and Ahhhh moment. That is why I still love printed. That is the same thing with taking note. I need paper to jot it down. I still cannot have smooth transition. It does not have the same feeling. It will be grateful in the future than rather now. That is why purchasing album is really a investment that you need. You will be thankful in the future because you already have it.


Style Photography

Documentary/photojournalism Wedding Photography

This type of style photography is like paparazzi. The photographer is working capturing the moments of your wedding day. It is not posed. They capture naturally. There will be minimize involvement for the photographer with the event. The event will be unfold by itself and the photographer will be using his or her creative way to photograph it.

Traditional wedding photography

The tradition wedding photography is the type that will lead the wedding. It is almost wedding coordinator. The photographer will involve a lot in your wedding.

Fine Art wedding photography

Fine art wedding photography is the type of photography who will use a lot of lightning and creative way to photograph. The photographer will also create something unique for the post process the photos. Consider it your photos is a piece of art even though all photographer will consider their photo is piece of art but this kind of wedding photographer will do extra end to do something that totally unique to the looks.

Fashion Wedding Photography

Fashion wedding photography is photographer who will focusing solely on fashion piece, such as wedding gown, jewelry, etc. Think of it as fashion magazine. They focusing solely on the clothing or other statement pieces. Of course that you will be directed on the posing. It is dramatic look. There will be lightning involve.


As far as depshots photography, we are eclectic. I am using all four of style because in my opinion, everything is need. For example the traditional wedding photography, I love to control the flow because usually wedding time line is hectic. What suffer is wedding photography because our time got crunch short because of somebody late of something happen. It sometimes backfired at the photographer because we do not have the picture that the bride and the groom want it. Wedding day can be stressful that is why wedding coordinator is crucial in wedding preparation. For more service please contact depshots photography. We love to accommodate it.



Choose the right person based on personality

This crucial because photographer on the wedding vendor that will be personally working with you. We, the photographer, will be by your side planning and entangle with you. There are two steps in getting to see if the wedding photographer is compatible with your personality.

The first one is consultation. First of all in depshots photography, wedding consultation is free. Nothing is harm. The consultation is best with directly talk face to face. You will see the chemistry. It is almost the same process with finding your sole mate or friend as a matter fact.

The second one is getting your engagement picture. This part you might have to invest a little bit. In this process, you will see two things. First is their personality on directing the pose. Second is their own personality. Finally is their works. You will see if their work is to your liking. You will also see their post processing. In my opinion is small investment before the bigger investment. Instead of losing bigger investment, small sacrifice is OK to get the big one. Wedding is once in your lifetime. It is one of your big moments.



Do your homework!

Yes! Homework is crucial. There are a lot of wedding photographer in Houston. There are a lot of listing out there. Check their portfolio of wedding and engagement picture. If you can see the vibe from the picture then jot it down their site so you will remember it. Probably in this process you will see tons of wedding photos. You will be overloaded. Find three wedding photographer that you like then you can start the process of to check if the wedding photographer is in your budget or not. With depshots photography there is other choice so you can afford depshots photography as your wedding photographer. The name of it is Gively. It is an account that you can use it like gift card or your wedding registry. Instead of people buying an item for your wedding registry. People can help you financially for your wedding. For more information on this one check this link. For further email depshots for further assistant of this service.


Lastly, have fun. Do not over thinking it! Ask people for help. Probably you want it to be perfect. More people will unload the stress in you. Be cautious! Too many people will be headache too. The most important is find people who can contribute their best for your wedding. Congrats on the engagement. Contact depshots photography for your wedding photographer or if you want depshots photography planning your wedding. Once again congratulation and happy planning!!

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