Erika and Aaron Engagement Photo

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Discovery Green

Discovery green is one of my favorite engagement photo. It is big enough where you can have multiply background without over too big.

Erika and Arron is cute couple. I can tell their chemistry in there. Erika is working as hairstylist while Aaron is working in office oil related. The session is took almost three hours that is why they had three outfit choice. Their choice of clothes is impecable. It is color coordinated an compliment each other.

Their time is really perfect because it is the golden hour. Golden hour is best for family or engagement outdoor type because the quality of light is really beautiful. That is why for natural light photographer probably he or she will suggest doing the session around this time. There are two times in a day where you can this kind of light. Early in the morning and almost sunset. Golden hour is one hour after the sunrise or one hour before sunset.

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