Do you need second photographer or not?

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Lots of bride love to have second photographer for their wedding. That is what they are being told by all the blog and publisher. Do you really need one or not?

This is a little bit controversial. Yes there are some benefit of having two photographer. There are some some moment that will not be captured. You have to pick and choose of that. There are three moments in your wedding day that it is nice to have two photographer.


Getting ready

This is kind of hard. We need to considerate three pin point. There are the groom house, the bride house, and the ceremony site. If it is far of each other, we can do early for the groom because groom is a little bit easier getting ready, They can just put it on and put it out . There is other choice which is both of them from the same hotel just different room. You can still maintain not seeing each other. As long as you can hold it up.

Walking down the aisle

There are three subjects that being meet in short time. The bride is coming down to altar. The groom is waiting in excited, some tears can come too. Even the parents can be showed some emotion.  Some might be not be captured. We as photographer do not want to miss anything. Our job is capturing all the moment so people can talk it after and have a prove of evident what did you do. That is why talk a head is important. In these moment you need to priority which one is important. So we can prep ahead in our planning. If you know your future husband or wife is more emotional probably best to state it. You can do it privately if you want to. Here with depshots we care customized and personalized.

Detailed shot

It is depend on timeline and church time. Typical time for reception is 7 p.m. If the church or ceremony is fall at 2-4 p.m. then it is kind of late for doing bridal party photo and detailed. It is not possible but it push it to limit. You need to re-arrange the timeline a bit. Either you do bridal party early during the day then go to ceremony place then you can still doing the bridal party at the church or the ceremony place. Some church said that you cannot meet before the ceremony started. Ideally, three hours gap is good. Two hours for bridal party and one hour for detailed shot at the reception. The reason two hours for bridal party is a lot of walking will be involve. If we doing it like rush, the wedding party tend to not happy about it. They feel like obligated and cranky usually. That is why two hours is perfect time. Beside we need to consider driving time from point A to point B.


The final choice is depending on your wedding timeline. If you can avoid all the problem, you can save money for the second photographer. With depshots photography, our package is based on one photographer. If you need second one will be additional. In my opinion is care of planning ahead is crucial before the wedding. That is why love to help you with the wedding planning. Contact depshots photographer what we can help planning your wedding.

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