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In this millennium, people tend to like digital better. I agreed. I am one of them but there are certain thing that cannot be replace, such as tangible item. I am using digital camera though. I do not think I can do it professionally with film camera. It does not mean I cannot operate it. I had a moment with film camera back then. The reason I cannot do it professionally is just in wedding industry we need something fast and more. The more I shoot the more picture my client will get. Plus The waste of time changing roll of film every now and then. It is just a hassle for me. I think a film camera good for a hobby photographer or even other industry which does not like wedding industry. For example is nature photography or landscape photography can be alright. They are not in the same pace as wedding photography. In contrast, there are few wedding photographer out there still doing film camera as their equipment. I am applauded them. This is just personal choice. I choose digital camera better.

Back to the subject, traditional album is kind of disappearing. More and more people asking for digital file for their end product. I cannot blame them to ask but in my opinion, traditional album is better. You can feel and touch or even smell it when it still new. Which one is better digital or traditional?

The answer is traditional. With depshots photography I believe in traditional stuff even though we are evolving and adapting with modern technology. My motto is you took the good and kept the bad. I mean it is not bad in this case. Digital is convenient, easy and flex. That is what most people want. You can see our evolve in our phone. I do not know if you know from big and chunk cell phone to smart phone. Human is evolving. The demand will be dictate what our future is.

Reason why traditional album is better than digital. Traditional album will bring up the feels in your wedding day. I am talking like in future. When you have kids of your own or even 10 years wedding anniversary. I think you can look back of what you feels and your look on your wedding day. How much you changed. That is photography for me. A little reminder of good or bad. It is a living prove. The story telling of the album cannot replace the digital file. Yes! You will get more picture with digital file but there are no emotion that traditional album can produce.

Depshots believe in tangible items as our main goals. If you want to share to people around you of your wedding album, ask depshots how you can do that. We have several option for you.

Another reason why i love traditional album is people tend to skip a lot when you are seeing lots of digital picture. It best to group them together and tell the story better also. If you show your wedding picture to a person who was not in your wedding day (your kids or grand kids), it hard for them to grasp the concept of your wedding. That is why album is important. In the album will be layout how your wedding goes and detailed of your hard work planning your wedding.

Yes traditional album it is more expensive than digital file. If you think about the cost of good probably is lower but the value of traditional far more than digital file.

The concept of you buying an traditional album is like for you buying a house. Do you want a security in your life? House is not for everyone. For home owner, there are few things that you need to do then a renter. It is not for everyone. I know that finance is dictated it but if you are capable for it, why not.

The album that we use is professionally done. We have two type of album for our line. We have modern album and classic album. These albums are represent depshots a lot. The modern one will be cover by metal while the classic with acrylic. The inside of the page are different also. The modern will be kind of metallic paper. This one will be thinner than the classic album. The classic album is the biggest size available in our line. Also inside the album, the pages are has cut out of the paper. It is hard for me to explain it with words but what I can says is they are gorgeous. I supper excite about this changes, Please stay tune in the future for these two albums. You will guaranteed to LOVE it.

I know it is hard to think in the long run but you have to. Traditional album is better. I like reading a book in print not digitally even though I do it sometimes but I enjoy reading in print better than digital. You can make note with it, highlight it, sratch it, etc. I know that digital can do that also but when it comes to reading for studying. I prefer print. I can touch, feel and see. I guess the one missing with digital is “feel”. How about you? I know it is a preference. It is subjective. It is not for everyone.

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