Hurricane Harvey

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I am so sorry for the late post. It has been like two weeks. If you are living in Houston, Texas, you probably know what happened around here. The hurricane Harvey was coming. I was fine during the Harvey. As you have seen in the news that this hurricane was the biggest flood in my opinion. I though that the memorial day and hurricane Sandy was worst but they were not. Luckily it is only water damage this time around. The wind did not cause problem. The last time we lost power. Some place had not electricity for 2-3 weeks. This time around is not that bad but the water is much worst. Some places that has not been flood zone become flooded. It was a lot of damage. Lots of cars got flooded. Hopefully you are doing okay.

Houston is still recovery stage right now. Lots of street still closed that is why a lot of traffic around Houston. For people that affected by hurricane Harvey, hang in there. Time will heal the wound. You are strong. Time will pass by quickly.

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