So excited about your engagement photo session? There is a lot of think that you need to consider about your  engagement session. One of the big mistake the couple thinking about that the photographer is will do the job to make you look good, which is true, but there is a lot of think that need to considerate to make picture perfect. Most important think about which dress or cloth you need to wear is wear something that make you feel sexy, beautiful or handsome….Continue Reading “What to wear for your engagement photo session?”

First of all, congratulation for LGBT community for the legalize same-sex marriage. Right now the supreme court has been legalize in 50 States. Right now USA is the 21st country that has been legalize same-sex marriage. I know from a fact that one of my friend had to marriage to another state that had been legalize. I know how hard it is for them. Right now with this news, every one can get marriage anywhere in the States.

For all the brides out there especially in Houston, Finding venue for your  wedding day is a little trouble. This is probably the first thing in your list that suppose to be done before everything else in your list of planning your wedding. The venue will set the tone of the wedding. There is other factor in mind while choosing the venue. If you are getting married in the church then you need to confirm with the church too. The date between the church and…Continue Reading “Wedding Venue in Houston, Texas”